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A top technology center
Changzhou Tian Dun technology center was established in May 2010. It has a high quality technical personnel team,

and has a long time with the Nanjing University of Technology, Hohai University, Changzhou University and other

colleges and universities to maintain a good cooperative relationship.


Be bold in innovation, solid and steady development and solidarity.


The products of the company mainly provide various kinds of pharmaceutical and technical services for the chemical

treatment of cooling water or a whole set of services for chemical treatment of cooling water for power plants, iron

and steel plants, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. Products include corrosion and scale inhibitors,

bactericidal algicide, cleaning agent, flocculant and so on. In 2015, sales revenue was 22 million 620 thousand yuan

and profit was 3 million 980 thousand yuan.



The company must clearly see the difficulties and challenges ahead, face up to the gaps and shortcomings of its own existence, with more firm belief, more full enthusiasm, more pragmatic

style, and more powerful joint force, together to write a new chapter of the company's development, and provide strong financial services and support for the group company.